Cable Management Solutions

Raceway On-A-Roll®, Wire Hider®, Latching Duct™, & Clear View Wirehider™

Raceway On-A-Roll®

Have the luxury of cutting the exact amount of raceway needed.

Wire Hider®

The original solution comprised of wire hider® & a coverlid . 

Latching Duct™

Latching duct™  combines the wire hider® and cover lid in one. 

Clear View Raceway™

Clear view raceway™ products are 100% approved for government use. 

Raceway On-A-Roll®

Latching Duct™

Clear View Raceway™

Government Approved Cable Management Solutions

Clear View Raceway™ Products

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Why System supply?

Wire Hider®, Raceway, and Cable Management Solutions.

American Made

Our Wire Hider® & cable management solutions are 100% American made. We take pride in the fact the our products are sourced, manufactured, & packaged in the United States.

Fast Delivery can fulfill your orders immediately. We carry a full range of cable management and wire hider solutions at the best price.

Responsive Service

We understand that it is our individual responsibility to ensure your satisfaction. When you have a question or concern, our dedicated support team is one email or phone call away.

Easy Return Policy

We understand that sh*t happens. We will work with you to ensure a solution just in case there is a hiccup with your order.

Raceway, Wire Hider®, & Cable Management Solutions